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Choose to email and/or print your own certificates. Gift certificates can be purchased for dollar amounts, packages or services.
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Purchase any of the following Spa Packages by clicking on the name of the package.

Regular Gift Certificate
(any dollar amount or service of your choice)
(Please note: Gratuities may not be added to gift certificates)


30 Minute Massage – $50

60 Minute Harbor Stone Massage – $100

90 Minute Harbor Stone Massage – $130

60 Minute Wellness Massage – $85

90 Minute Wellness Massage – $115

60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage – $100

90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage -$135

60 Minute Pregnancy Massage – $95


Traditional Organic Facial – $85

Specialty Organic Facial – $110
(Service options: Firm Skin, Bright Skin, Calm Skin, Clear Skin)

Adamo Signature Aromatherapy Facial – $150

Mini Facial Refresher – $65

Teen Facial – $65


New England Harvest Body Scrub – $85

Oleaslim Detox Body Scrub – $85

California Grapeseed Body Scrub – $85

Personal Escape Body Wrap – $135


Foot Reflexology – $60

Foot Ritual – $85


Adamo Spa Journey – $350
Rainbow Cascade Session
New England Harvest Body Scrub
Herbal Oil Scalp Massage
Traditional Organic Facial
One Hour Adamo Aromatherapy Massage
Spa Lunch

Coastal Escape – $250
Rainbow Cascade Session
Personal Escape Body Wrap
Herbal Oil Scalp Massage
Mini Facial Refresher
Tea and light fare

Journeyman’s Getaway – $180
A Spa Escape that will leave you in a peaceful state of mind and body.

Rainbow Cascade Session
Half Hour Custom Wellness Massage
Mini Facial
Foot Reflexology
Spa Gift

Time Together Retreat for Two – $300 (for two)
Escape to our Couples Room for a spa experience and relaxation side by side treatments together
that will bring your bodies into balance and harmony.
Rainbow Cascade Session
Foot Ritual
Half Hour Wellness Massage
Tea and light fare

Teen Spa Day – $150
Teen Facial
Make-up Lesson
Half Hour Back, Head and Neck Massage
Spa Gift