Private Party Contract

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Scituate Harbor,
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Thank you for your interest in private parties at Adamo Day Spa. We provide beauty and wellness services in a relaxed setting.  We are conveniently located in Cohasset Village, Massachusetts.

Below we have included our private party contract. Please review this contract while planning your private party. You will need to gather all of the spa guests who would like to be included in your private party, as well as the services they would like to receive. You can then fill out the attached forms, and our Spa Coordinator will schedule the party. When scheduling your private party, be sure to bring up any questions we can answer for you.

Thank you for choosing ADAMO DAY SPA!



 “During Spa Hours” Party:

We are happy to accommodate your party during regular Spa hours.

 To better serve you we request you and your guests arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time.

 “After Hours” Party:

We require a minimum of three people in an off-hours private party with a minimum service price of $255 per person.
For groups of six guests or more this minimum service price is lowered to $170 per person.
Maximum group size is eight guests. Also, a 20% gratuity is automatically added to the total of spa services in the private party.

Full payments for off-hours spa parties must be made at least 72 hours prior to the date of the private party.
Please note that Adamo’s pre-designed packages or discounted services are not offered during these times.

 All Groups:

A service fee of $12 will be charged to all groups of four or more guests.

Light refreshments will be available at the time of your party. We can also offer several catering menus if
your guests would like to order spa lunches or light snacks. We do ask that you do not bring your own
food due to health code regulations. You may bring one bottle of wine for your party to share. Also,
coolers are not allowed in the spa.

A deposit of $100 is required at the time of booking for all private parties. This deposit secures your
reservation and is non-refundable if there is less than one week notice of cancellation. This deposit
will be counted toward final payment.

Once the booking has been completed for your party, and confirmed, no substitutions of services or
guests will be allowed (2 weeks prior to event).

Cancellation Policy:

All private parties must give at least one week notification to avoid cancellation fees. If you cancel
with less than seven days notice you will forfeit your deposit. If you cancel with less than 72
hours notice the credit card used for the deposit will be charged for 50% of the services booked,
and the initial deposit will not be refunded. If you cancel in less than 48 hours you will be held
responsible for the full price of all services booked.


Coordinators Name: _______________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

Cell Phone: _________________________

Work Phone:________________________

Home Phone:_______________________


 Party Date: ______________            Party Time: _____________

  Names of Private Party Guests and Requested Services:               











I, __________________________, agree to the scheduled private party appointments I have scheduled with the spa coordinator. I agree with the price total of my private party. I understand and agree to the deposit of $100 at this time to secure appointments for my party. I agree to pay the balance due on the day of the event, unless the appointments are during off spa hours. If my private party appointments are on off spa hours I agree to pay the balance in full at least 72 hours in advance. I understand and will comply with the attached cancellation policy. I understand that no refund will be given for members of the private party who miss their appointment on the day of the party.

Signature: ___________________________________   Date: _____________

Credit Card Number: ________________________________________ Expiration: ________________

Receptionist:__________________________________  Date: _____________

Adamo Day Spa Tracking Sheet (to be calculated by Spa staff)

Total Number of Guests: ________

Total Service Price: $___________

Total Gratuity Added:$__________

Total of Spa Lunches:$__________

Total of all fees added:$__________


Deposit Received ______________ Date __________

Credit Card Number: ___________________________ Expiration: __________