Massage Therapies

The benefits of massage include stress reduction, increased circulation, improved muscle tone and flexibility, and an overall sense of well-being. Our skilled massage therapists will evaluate your concerns and provide you with a choice of techniques to meet your specific needs. All massage therapies are performed in a completely comfortable environment. Series of Massages Available, please inquire.

Choose from our wide variety of massage therapies:

Swedish Massage

Pure Relaxation! A traditional massage that utilizes light pressure and gentle techniques to decrease stress, and improve circulation. This wonderful full body wellness massage melts away all tension.
60 minutes 90
90 minutes 120

Integrated Massage

A little bit of both! A relaxing Swedish massage with integrated deep tissue techniques on the back or neck, (for example) or a specific targeted area to relieve extra muscle tension and discomfort. This is a unique full body massage to suit your individual needs.
60 minutes 105
90 minutes 140

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

Perfect for those who regularly receive massage, the active person or for those looking for a more intense full body massage. Warm compresses and pain relieving oils are used to enhance your session. Therapeutic deep tissue techniques, trigger point and stretching release chronic pain and tightness.
60 minutes 120
90 minutes 155

Targeted Massage

A focused massage to specific problem areas. A combination of techniques release tension and comforts sore overworked muscles.
30 minutes 65

CBD Therapeutic Massage

Utilizing some trigger point therapy, accompanied by long, warming massage strokes, the CBD compound – a combination of cannabidiol product, menthol, camphor and arnica  is applied and kneaded into the skin reducing inflammation, alleviates chronic pain and stimulates to release endorphins.
60 minutes 120
90 minutes $155

Sports Body Stretch

Your therapist gently guides the body into passive stretches, working on range of motion and mobility. This is offered on the comfort of massage table. Please wear comfortable clothing.
30 minutes 60

Harbor Stone Therapy

Warm stones soothe aches and pains while promoting circulation and deep relaxation. The warmth of the stones penetrates muscles to release tension and stress as it  restores grounding and harmony to body and soul.
60 minutes 105
90 minutes 140

Adamo Aroma Therapy Massage and Wrap

Our signature massage that begins with an aroma journey in which you choose an essential oil blend. After a wellness massage with your personal oil you will be lightly wrapped in a warm linen blanket, while receiving a face, neck and scalp massage. Following your massage your oil is your gift to take home.
60 minutes 105
90 minutes 140

Couples Massage

Relax together side by side as you both receive any one of our massages in a private treatment room designed for couples. (minimum one hour massage each).

Pregnancy Massage

A prenatal massage is a wonderful way to relax and prepare for your childbirth. Take this opportunity to decrease physical and emotional stress. You and baby will be comfortably supported on a special pillow easing tension and discomfort. Postpartum massage is a natural way to help your body return to its natural state.
Please inquire about a series of massage packages to enjoy before and after childbirth.
60 minutes 105

Foot Reflexology Massage

Enjoy a foot massage with the added warmth of smooth lava stones. Reflex points in your feet are stimulated, relieving toxins and stimulating your entire body. 
30 minutes 60

Rainbow Cascade Room

The Rainbow Cascade Room is dedicated to treating it’s guest’s overall wellness; awakening physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels by energizing the senses. Dually, equipped with a shower and steam room, we invite you to relax, unwind and envelope your senses in a cascade of aromatics, light, and water.
~ Escape in the tranquil color-soaked vapor as pure essential oils are diffused to stimulate the senses.
~ Surround yourself in a warming sequential rainbow of chromotherapy. Showering your essence with the soothing hues of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Let yourself heal as the emerging fog becomes a vibrant showcase of color.
~ Hydrating steam and pure essential oils are diffused to stimulate the senses. The inhalation of eucalyptus aromatherapy deeply relaxes and hydrates our guests.
Close your session with a cascading rainbow rinse. This session rejuvenates your mind, spirit and physical well-being. We recommend a steam session prior to your massage or body treatment; or as a treatment on its own!
30 minutes 40
20 with treatment
*Package Series must be purchased in full at time of visit. Series are non-transferable, they must be purchased and used by one individual. Cannot be combined with any other special or offer. No gift certificates towards payment.